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Political developments in Oklahoma City

Sheriff Chris West

“I rebuke every bit of it” says Sheriff Chris West about attack on Capitol

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West confirms that he was at the "Save America" rally but disavows insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol.

Citing oath of office, Inhofe won’t challenge Biden’s election

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe announced Tuesday that he would not challenge Joe Biden's clear win of the election for President.
James Lankford

Oklahoma Senator Lankford one of 11 seeking to overturn Biden’s election

Sen James Lankford is joining with six other sitting U.S. senators and four senators-elect in demanding an election commission be formed.

OKC restaurateur Sean Cummings running for Ok Democratic Party Chair

Off to an early start, Sean Cummings is running for Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. He believes the party needs better messaging.
Historic Capitol Hill

Big differences in ideas about south side revealed in OKC Ward 4 race

Incumbent Todd Stone is running for his second term as Ward 4 OKC councilman and newcomers Sam Wargin and Larry Hopper are challenging him.
Bennie Edwards

“He died scared” says niece of man shot and killed by OKC police

Protesters gathered once again in front of the headquarters of the Oklahoma City Police Department in response the death of Bennie Edwards.
filing for office

Nineteen candidates file for four OKC City Council seats in 2021 election

It will be a City of OKC ward seat election season where some wards are hotly contested and one where the incumbent was the only one to file.
City Council

OKC City Council seat races start off hot first day of filing

The first day of the three-day filing period, ten candidates filed for the nonpartisan four open seats on the City Council of OKC.

Protesters focus on police union over Stavian Rodriguez shooting death

Protesters decried the shooting death of 15-year-old Stavian Rodriguez by five Oklahoma City Police officers in front of the FOP union hall.
City Hall

Candidates for City of Oklahoma City Council to file starting Monday, Dec 7

Oklahoma City voters have yet another election cycle as four of the eight Council seats are open for a February 9 primary election.