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Political developments in Oklahoma City

Ward 3 candidate forum

OKC Ward 3 candidates weigh in on infrastructure, sprawl, other issues

Candidates for the Ward 3 City Council seat for the City of Oklahoma City responded to questions in a forum Saturday, January 23.
Walke Walker

Collin Walke points to record in HD-87 seat in contest with Valerie Walker

HD-87 Rep Collin Walke (D) is pointing to his strong legislative record as he defends his seat against challenger Valerie Walker (R).
Cubit Johnson

Oklahoma County Sheriff race debate reveals key candidate differences

Wayland Cubit and Tommie Johnson faced off in a debate in Oklahoma City to try and win over voters in the race for Oklahoma County Sheriff.
Back the Blue

Back the Blue rally Sunday held to support police as “civic warriors”

A leader of the Back the Blue rally in Oklahoma City Sunday referred to police officers as "the civic warriors" counted on to fight "chaos."
Planet Thunder hug

Talent, passion mark Planet Thunder films

Oklahoma City natives Jacob Leighton Burns, brother Zachary Burns and Vinnie Hogan have been serious filmmakers for years. But they aren't old guys. Their apparent...
Brooks-Jimenez takes oath

Brooks-Jimenez takes oath for Senate amid cheers

“So help me, God.” As Michael Brooks-Jimenez said those final words of his oath of office for the Oklahoma Senate, supporters jumped to their feet...
Senator James Lankford

Former Republican to Lankford: “How can we trust you?”

Republican Senator James Lankford might have felt like he just couldn't catch a break Tuesday night in the second of five sessions of his...

Mickey Dollens defends southside HD-93 seat sought by Mike Christian

Republican Mike Christian is back in the race to reclaim House District 93’s seat from incumbent Democrat Mickey Dollens.
Lewis, Henry

OKCPS Board Chair candidates answer questions in southside forum

Candidates in the race for OKCPS Board of Ed Chair defined their positions on issues concerning southside OKC schools in a forum March 11.
Jake Merrick

Republican Jake Merrick wins special election for State Senate District 22

Republican Jake Merrick will fill the vacant District 22 State Senate seat after a landslide victory in Tuesday night’s special general election.