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Political developments in Oklahoma City


Congresswoman Kendra Horn reflects on election loss and future

Congresswoman Kendra Horn's loss was a blow but she still plans to continue business as usual until her term is officially over.
José Cruz

José Cruz is first Latino to represent southside House District 89

José Cruz, 31, won House District 89’s race by a landslide with over 65% of the vote. He is the first Latino ever to win in the district.
Mauree Turner

After national attention, Turner digs into real local issues in OKC HD-88

As the national limelight eventually moves on to other things, Representative-elect Mauree Turner begins to work on local HD-88 issues.
Stephanie Bice

Stephanie Bice defeats CD-5 incumbent Kendra Horn in tight race

Oklahoma Republican State Senator Stephanie Bice defeated incumbent Congressional District 5 Democratic Congresswoman Kendra Horn Tuesday.
Kendra Horn

In loss to Stephanie Bice, Kendra Horn says “We’re not done yet!”

The Congressional District 5 race was a close one the reality of the evening was that Stephanie Bice will be the next one in that seat.
Munson, Robinson

Munson seeks another term in north OKC HD-85 against Robinson

Democratic Representative Cyndi Munson is running for another term after an extraordinary series of successful campaigns.
Walke Walker

Collin Walke points to record in HD-87 seat in contest with Valerie Walker

HD-87 Rep Collin Walke (D) is pointing to his strong legislative record as he defends his seat against challenger Valerie Walker (R).
Kendra Horn

Teacher unions endorse Congresswoman Kendra Horn in CD-5 race

Three teachers unions have endorsed Kendra Horn for re-election to a second term for Oklahoma’s Congressional District 5.
Osburn Baccus

Edmond HD-81 – Dem newcomer Baccus takes on GOP incumbent Osburn

Republican Mike Osburn has been representing HD-81 since 2016 and is now defending his seat against Democratic challenger, Jacob Baccus.
House District 97

Lowe and Janloo differ most on gun policy in eastside HD-97 race

Oklahoma HD-97 incumbent Jason Lowe (D) is being challenged by Republican local business owner Ben Janloo.