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Political developments in Oklahoma City

James Lankford

Oklahoma Senator Lankford one of 11 seeking to overturn Biden’s election

Sen James Lankford is joining with six other sitting U.S. senators and four senators-elect in demanding an election commission be formed.
Protesters at end of morning

US Attny Gen draws protesters at Rose State

A broad spectrum of activists were present at Rose State College for over two hours Thursday to demonstrate against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He...
Angela Basse

Payday loans called “predatory” by group seeking reform

As a pre-teen, Angela Basse saw her mother go through a hard divorce and then turn to a payday lender for help with a...
Oklahoma City Public Schools Board Meeting

City councils and school boards to be elected

Your involvement in government doesn’t get any more local than this. And Tuesday is the day for you to get involved. Oklahoma City residents will...
Candidate forum at beginning our revolution ok

Candidate forum shows growing strength of Our Revolution OK

Two candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination in 2018 for Oklahoma governor revealed significant contrasts of ideas Tuesday night in front of about...
Anna Langthorn

At 24, Langthorn is new chair of Okla Dem Party

Close leadership elections leave sore feelings for some Anna Langthorn could be the youngest chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party in state history. She's only...

Horn town hall covers COVID-19, public health issues, Medicaid expansion

Congresswoman Kendra Horn, CD-5, drew yet another crowd to one of her many town halls Saturday but absent any hostility, a current rarity in politics.

Accident hot spot forming on Okla City Boulevard just 48 hours after open

Only 48 hours after opening, the newest section of Oklahoma City Boulevard is already developing an accident hotspot where it intersects with S. Klein Ave.
Guild at Pride Parade 2018 - from Guild for Congress Facebook page-1

Guild seen – later admits to – removing opponent’s campaign signs

Democrat Tom Guild was seen pulling up an opponent's campaign signs just as the afternoon rush hour was starting in Oklahoma City Monday. Guild is...
Brooks-Jimenez takes oath

Brooks-Jimenez takes oath for Senate amid cheers

“So help me, God.” As Michael Brooks-Jimenez said those final words of his oath of office for the Oklahoma Senate, supporters jumped to their feet...