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Political developments in Oklahoma City

Vigil protests ICE agents stationed at Oklahoma County Jail

A vigil held outside the Oklahoma County Jail Friday evening drew attention to U.S. Immigration and Customs (ICE) officers stationed at the jail full-time.

Abortion abolitionists tack to the right of pro-life, pressure GOP lawmakers

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Anti-abortion activists who call themselves “abolitionists” protested at the Oklahoma Capitol February 9 in support of SB495, a bill that would...
Campaign signs along Lincoln Blvd as early voting begins

Gloves off in eastside HD99 Dem primary – Davis vs. Pittman

Steve Davis shifted the tone and level of intensity of the four-way Democratic Primary in the eastside HD 99 race Friday with a Facebook...
Bradley Carter

Carter wins Ward 1 seat in the OKC City Council runoffs

Bradley Carter will head for the Oklahoma City Council to represent Ward 3 following his victory in Tuesday night’s runoff election.
Brooks-Jimenez takes oath

Brooks-Jimenez takes oath for Senate amid cheers

“So help me, God.” As Michael Brooks-Jimenez said those final words of his oath of office for the Oklahoma Senate, supporters jumped to their feet...

Citing oath of office, Inhofe won’t challenge Biden’s election

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe announced Tuesday that he would not challenge Joe Biden's clear win of the election for President.
Sheriff P.D. Taylor

Sheriff — “take the jail,” Jail Trust Chair — “we don’t want to do...

Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor is giving the newly formed Jail Trust less than ten weeks to prepare to take over administration of the jail.
AFT - OEA play long game Busey, Chapman, Clark

Teachers, unions point efforts toward November elections

Teachers granted leave by their school districts to lobby the Oklahoma Legislature were at the Capitol Tuesday along with union officials as they point...
Senator James Lankford

Former Republican to Lankford: “How can we trust you?”

Republican Senator James Lankford might have felt like he just couldn't catch a break Tuesday night in the second of five sessions of his...
impeachment rally

Rallies reveal surprising support for Horn’s impeachment decision

Congresswoman Kendra Horn's campaign headquarters was the site of dueling rallys Tuesday night in OKC, one for impeachment and the other against.