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Health issues and COVID-19

A disaster is in the making for the Oklahoma City metro as the pandemic takes its toll on the economy and more people are becoming homeless.
Spiking COVID case numbers in Oklahoma County have sent OKCPS students and teachers back home to remote learning starting Monday, Nov. 16.
Greg Williams, the new Oklahoma County Jail administrator is catching up from a testing backlog they had at the handoff from the Sheriff.
A hospitalized Oklahoma County Jail detainee diagnosed with COVID-19 died at St. Anthony Hospital Tuesday morning according to a Jail press release.
Every day the Oklahoma State Department of Health publishes an update on COVID-19 numbers for Oklahoma. Here are ten things you need to know about them.
Four Oklahoma State Board of Education members rejected the compulsory parts of a plan providing a uniform statewide response in schools to COVID-19.
The Board of the Oklahoma City-County Health Department made presentations to the City Council of Oklahoma City in a workshop about the COVID pandemic.
On the same day Oklahoma's governor revealed that he has COVID-19, the Board of County Commissioners considered some precautions for the courthouse.
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has tested positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 he announced in a news conference today.
The only health department codes The City of Oklahoma City has to work with are state-level health laws that were not written anticipating a pandemic.