The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

Oklahoma City Council

Council plans for CARES Act funds, hears $3M Costco incentives proposal

The City of Oklahoma City Council took action Monday on how CARES Act funds sent to the city from the federal government would be used and other business.

Stitt defends “PPE Czar” after sidelining experienced Health Dept group

Okla Governor Kevin Stitt defended his appointment of a "PPE Czar" in the pandemic response and sidelining the Emergency Preparedness and Response Service.
Oklahoma County Jail

Jail Trust told no COVID-19 positive tests at Oklahoma County Jail so far

Monday the Jail Trust heard a report that so far there have been no COVID-19 positive tests either at the Jail or for those hospitalized.
Oklahoma County Sheriff

Lease provides new Oklahoma County Sheriff’s facility outside Jail

The Oklahoma County Commissioners entered a lease agreement Wednesday for a new Sheriff's facility for its headquarters separate from the Jail.

Stitt and Oklahoma Health Department face audit for COVID-19 spending

The Oklahoma Attorney General has requested the Oklahoma State Auditor to carry out an "investigative audit" of Governor Kevin Stitt's spending on COVID-19.
City Hall, City of Oklahoma City

As COVID-19 ravages economy, OKC City Council extends aid to small biz

The OKC City Council allocated money for micro businesses, heard a report on small business relief, and three City Councilors spoke up against reopening.

City of OKC prepares to feel the revenue pain from COVID-19 pandemic

The City Council for City of Oklahoma City will consider budget cuts May 26, owing to a sales tax shortfall predicted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flawed scientific model basis for Governor Stitt’s reopening plans

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is using a model for predicting the course of COVID-19 infections that is statistical with no basis in epidemiology.

Holt — Acts like OKC bombing “depend on the triumph of dehumanization”

On the 25th anniversary of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal building, the memorial service was a video product instead of a live event.

Councilman surprises some with blunt comments about shelter-in-place

At this week’s meeting of the City Council of Oklahoma City, one council member surprised some at what seemed to be callous comments about COVID-19 deaths.