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Sheriff's move discussed

Complexities of Sheriff’s move out of Jail dominate Commissioners’ time

The Board of County Commissioners' normal business was handled quickly Wed but executive sessions and the Sheriff's move from the Jail took more time.
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Sheriff’s move from Jail could be more complicated than anticipated

Okla County Sheriff P.D. Taylor may have thought his move out of the Jail would be a straight path, but a transition committee could make it more complex.

Little-known, small committee reviews City’s big legislative interests

The Oklahoma City Council’s Legislative Committee met Tuesday to prepare for the coming legislative sessions at the State and Federal levels.
City Council

It’s urban vs suburban OKC Council members on controversial ordinance

Motion to deny new parking was defeated by votes from suburban councilmen. Mayor’s redrafting of the controversial Greenwell Ordinance passed 6-3.
spencer hicks

Spencer Hicks declares candidacy for Oklahoma County Commissioner

Spencer Hicks is running for the very public post of District 2 Oklahoma County Commissioner after having spent since 2004 working mostly behind the...
Jail Trust leaders

Jail Trust funding approved after several earlier attempts failed

The Oklahoma County Budget Board voted Thursday to allocate $100,000 from General Fund appropriations for the Sheriff’s department to the Jail Trust.

MAPS 4 vote only for tax, not projects being promoted says Supreme Court

The MAPS 4 ordinance that voters will have before them December 10 is only about whether to establish a tax and not the projects being promoted.
comprehensive historic preservation plan

Three major city bodies hear new comprehensive historic preservation plan

Three governing bodies from the city met on Tuesday to hear the initial presentation on the Planning Department’s comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan.

Text to 911 system provides new ways to reach emergency help

Public officials seemed relieved and buoyant when they revealed the new text message capability of the 911 emergency call system in central Oklahoma Monday.

Uncertain plans for Okla City Blvd intersection pose continued dangers

City and state officials appear to be stalled on how to make a dangerous intersection on the new Okla City Blvd safer before signals are installed.