The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

Oklahoma County Jail

Oklahoma County Jail needs twice the current number of maint workers

Estimates of the ideal number of maintenance workers for the Oklahoma County Jail pointed to issues at the Detention Center Transition Committee meeting.
OKC City Council 11.19.19

Billboards, BIDs, SPUDS, and lousy neighbors take City Council stage

At Tuesday’s City Council, billboards argued, neighbors protested, and Uptown 23rd cleared its final hurdle in the Business Improvement District process.
Uptown 23rd

Uptown 23rd gains new business improvement district funding

The OKC City Council voted to establish the Uptown 23rd Business Improvement District (BID) Tuesday which will give Uptown 23rd some serious new funding.
Oklahoma County Jail

Jail Trust names administrator for Oklahoma County Jail with no timeline

The Jail Trust named career Ok Dept of Corrections administrator Greg Williams as the incoming Administrator and CEO of the Okla County Detention Center.

Healthy neighborhoods, Plaza Dist, long meetings dom Planning Comm

In another marathon meeting of the OkC Planning Comm, they considered the Healthy Neighborhoods overlay ordinance and some vague plans in the Plaza Dist.
Smart Saver

Millions from MAPS 4 may go to owner who closed Eastside Smart Saver

The owner who closed the Smart Saver at N.E. 23rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue is positioned to receive up to $5 million in MAPS 4 money.
VA Hospital

Horn devotes town hall at VA Hospital to hearing veterans stories

The first of four town halls planned by 5th District Congresswoman Kendra Horn featured stories of U.S. military veterans instead of her comments.
historic preservation

Preservation advocate honored, neighbors ignored, parking denied

City Council began with the passage of a resolution honoring a local hero of historic preservation, then ignored neighbors in an historic neighborhood.
Criminal Justice Authority

Jail Transition Committee established, Assessor and Court Clerk Invited

A committee was formed to assist the transition of the Oklahoma County Detention Center from the supervision of the Sheriff’s Office to that of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority.

Horn to vote in favor of Trump impeachment process vote

U.S. Rep Kendra Horn announced that she will vote for the bill that lays out the rest of the inquiry process for possible impeachment of Pres Trump.