The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

Oklahoma City Council

MAPS 4, weed farm, parking make for lively City Council meeting

Oklahoma City Council took many twists and turns through a tense exchange over MAPS 4, down-zoning for marijuana growing, parking, and economic development.
Oklahoma County Commissioners

Social Service Organizations center stage at County Comm meeting

Agencies receiving funds from the Oklahoma County Community Support Grant gave presentations at the Board of County Commissioners Monday.
Oklahoma County Jail

First reports from new CEO Greg Williams delivered to Jail Trust Monday

In a short, meeting of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority (Jail Trust), six Trustees heard reports from the Trust CEO Greg Williams.

Dangerous intersection on Oklahoma City Boulevard finally getting signals

Traffic signal construction at the intersection of S. Klein and Oklahoma City Boulevard is underway and scheduled to be completed at the end of February.
Max's Law

Gathering for “Max’s Law” draws attention to changing station needs

An event in Manuel Perez Parkl in Oklahoma City Sunday called attention to Max's Law which calls for fully accessible changing tables in Oklahoma.

Auto speed issues taken up at Traffic and Transportation Comm

Oklahoma City Traffic and Transportation Commission met Friday afternoon to consider reducing posted speed limits, speed abatement tools, and loading zones.
Oklahoma City Council

Driving with loaded pistol, vaping marijuana center stage at City Council

The issue of driving with a loaded pistol and whether or not vaping of tobacco producst would be allowed came before the Oklahoma City Council Tuesday.
town hall

Horn’s MLK weekend town hall honors justice leaders past and present

Fifth District Congresswoman Kendra Horn's town hall honored local leaders past and present in civil rights and justice Saturday and took questions.
Oklahoma County Commissioners

Sheriff’s next headquarters after jail exit still undecided

The Board of County Commissioners took action on the Oklahoma County Detention Center (Jail), the Juvenile Detention Center, and prisoner death lawsuits.
Oklahoma County Sheriff

Two Oklahoma County Commissioners question Sheriff’s patrol coverage

Two Okla County commissioners, Kevin Calvey and Brian Maughan, question whether the Oklahoma County Deputies are adequately deployed in unincorporated areas.