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Council deliberates on hotel

OKC Council approves convention hotel deal

After a decade of discussions and debate, the City of Oklahoma City voted 7-2 Tuesday to enter an agreement with Omni Hotels to build...
Save our OKC Schools newser

Local income taxes proposed to support OKC schools

Oklahoma City residents will pay a ¼ of 1 percent extra income tax to support local schools if voters approve a plan by one...
City of Okla City Council June 20

OKC Council decides sales tax proposal amid tensions

Sharp tensions rose Tuesday between the eight Oklahoma City Council members as they decided what projects voters would be asked to approve in an...
Public hearing for new tax

OKC Council to decide controversial sales tax proposal

Tuesday the City of Oklahoma City Council is set to make big decisions on what kind of sales tax proposals will be presented to...
Rev. Lori Walke

Is Chamber of Commerce out of step with public on next MAPS tax?

Big differences on how to use a portion of a proposed new MAPS-type penny sales tax were exposed in a public hearing Tuesday at...
Problem properties NW

Junk causing tensions in NW OKC neighborhood

Persistent junk accumulations at two adjacent northwest Oklahoma City homes are causing increasing tensions between the owner and his neighbors. Public records show that neighbors...
Councilman John Pettis

Councilman reverses course on Lost Lakes proposal – UPDATED

*See the update at the end of this article. With the threat of a lawsuit against the city looming, Oklahoma City Ward 7 Councilman John...
Lost Lakes from Street

Lost Lakes attorney protests OKC proposal

The LLC that owns Lost Lakes Amphitheater east of downtown Oklahoma City has now hired experienced metro attorney Eric Groves. He has sent a protest...
Stage and lake at lost lakes

Lost Lakes owners say new proposal threatens financial harm

The LLC that owns and operates Lost Lakes Amphitheater and Water Park has now hired metro attorney Eric Groves to help them oppose a sudden...
Roger Skeen - Co-owner Lost Lakes

Will Lost Lakes lose in new proposal?

The City of Oklahoma City proposes new controls on noise coming from the private park Roger Skeen is confused by his city’s actions as they...

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