The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Bice to vote “no” on Trump impeachment, says it will “further divide” nation

U.S. Rep Stephanie Bice (R-CD5) announced her intent Wednesday to vote against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
Oklahoma County Commissioners

Commissioners apply for Federal rent assistance program for unemployed

County commissioners voted to apply for the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Budget board adopted a coronavirus leave program.
Sheriff Chris West

“I rebuke every bit of it” says Sheriff Chris West about attack on Capitol

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West confirms that he was at the "Save America" rally but disavows insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol.
Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Bice condemns “rioters” without acknowledging their connection to Trump

Oklahoma City's Congresswoman Stephanie Bice (CD-5) condemned "rioters" but never acknowledging them as supporters of President Trump.
Oklahoma City Council

Council approves winter emergency shelter, defers demolition of old jail

City Council for Oklahoma City unanimously approved a new emergency shelter and deferred demolishing the old city police/jail building.
Jail Trust

Jail Trust welcomes new Sheriff, witnesses a fight

Monday was the first meeting of the year for the Okla County Jail Trust. New Sheriff Tommie Johnson III was present.
Oklahoma County Jail

Detainee death at OK County Jail suspected homicide

Homicide is thought to be the cause of the latest death in the Oklahoma County Jail that occurred Saturday evening.
Oklahoma City Police

City Law Enforcement Task Force advances with consultant, public doubts

The City of Oklahoma City has established a Law Enforcement Task Force to hear public concerns about policing but there are doubts.
Oklahoma County Jail

Another Oklahoma County Jail death, this time on Christmas Eve

Thursday, Christmas Eve, the Oklahoma County Jail had another detainee die in their custody. The cause of death is not certain.
Budget Board

Oklahoma County Elected Officials approve pay raise for themselves

The Oklahoma County Budget Board comprising elected officials of Oklahoma County, voted to give themselves a raise of $17,075.