The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

City Council

OKC City Council seat races start off hot first day of filing

The first day of the three-day filing period, ten candidates filed for the nonpartisan four open seats on the City Council of OKC.
Jail Trust

Trust holds off phone contract action, hears COVID reports from CEO

The Jail Trust heard reports from CEO Greg Williams about the current state of COVID-19 in the Jail and postponed action on a new phone system
Munson, Walke

After election wins, Munson and Walke take on new challenges in House

Democratic Okla House Members Collin Walke (HD-87) and Cyndi Munson (HD-85) are preparing for a new legislative year after their recent wins.
Victor Leal

Okla County small biz grant program working fast to meet Dec 9 deadline

Oklahoma Industries Authority is intensifying efforts to process applications for the Oklahoma County Small Business/nonprofit grant program.
Oklahoma County Commissioners

Okla County Commissioners continue to hear public on CARES Act money

Thursday, the Oklahoma County Budget Board and Board of County Commissioners both met to address spending on health and safety measures
City Hall

Candidates for City of Oklahoma City Council to file starting Monday, Dec 7

Oklahoma City voters have yet another election cycle as four of the eight Council seats are open for a February 9 primary election.
Calvey, Prater

It’s DA Prater 1, Commish Calvey 0 in court ruling about County Jail

District Judge Cindy Truong ruled in favor of District Attorney David Prater and against Oklahoma County Commissioner Kevin Calvey Nov. 30.

Response to Stavian Rodriguez death strains police-community relations

Tensions have been high in the City of Oklahoma City after the tenth shooting involving Oklahoma City Police officers Monday.
Brian Maughan

Brian Maughan prepares for next four years as OK County Commissioner

Brian Maughan has been county commissioner for Oklahoma County’s District 2 since 2008. After re-election, he prepares for four more years.
City Council

Council extends mask mandate, OG&E fields questions about ice storm

City Council of Oklahoma City held their first in-person meeting since March to debate extending the City’s mask mandate and other business.