The way Oklahoma City and state governments interact with the people

Jail Trust

Jail Trust approves Jail phone services upgrade for detainees and families

The Jail Trust approved a contract for detainee phone services and heard reports from CEO Greg Williams about operations and COVID testing.
small business relief

Commissioners allocate CARES Funds to small business relief

Oklahoma County Commissioners voted to allocate $5 million to the Oklahoma Industries Authority to continue a small business relief program.
Oklahoma County Jail

Oklahoma County Jail detainee found dead

A 35-year-old detainee who was found by jail staff to be "unresponsive" was later declared dead by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS).
Kickapoo Turnpike

Turnpike construction damaged County roads, but who will pay for repairs?

The newly opened Kickapoo Turnpike in the eastern part of Oklahoma County is complete, but construction has wrecked county roads around it.
Budget Board

County Budget Board votes CARES funds for small business, health info

The Oklahoma County Budget Board met Thursday to discuss what would happen with the remaining $10 million unallocated CARES Act funds.
Stavian Rodriguez news conference

Mother of Stavian Rodriguez launching lawsuit against Oklahoma City

The attorney for the mother of Stavian Rodriguez has given notice to the City of Oklahoma City of a tort claim for his death.
Bennie Edwards

“He died scared” says niece of man shot and killed by OKC police

Protesters gathered once again in front of the headquarters of the Oklahoma City Police Department in response the death of Bennie Edwards.
District map

State representatives hold Oklahoma County redistricting town hall

The Oklahoma County Redistricting Committee held a town hall to hear constituents' concerns about how district lines will be redrawn in 2021.
City Council

Council approves appeal to Supreme Court, resumes water cutoffs

The City Council of Oklahoma City, made a decision to appeal their panhandling ordinance’s constitutionality to the Supreme Court.
City Council

OKC City Council seat races start off hot first day of filing

The first day of the three-day filing period, ten candidates filed for the nonpartisan four open seats on the City Council of OKC.