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City Hall

Judiciary Com approves moving forward on new “Homeless Court” concept

The Judiciary Committee of the City Council of Oklahoma City met Tuesday after the Council meeting to discuss focused "homeless court" proceedings.
Brittany Warrior, mother

Mother shouts “Liar, Liar!” punctuating Fallin’s State of the State address

“Let’s get to work,” meant something different to three protesters in the House gallery as Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin closed her State of the...
City Hall

COVID comes to OKC City Hall – top staff test positive

City Manager Craig Freeman and two other top City of Oklahoma City staff have tested positive for COVID-19.
Mayor Cornett presides over his last council meeting

Cornett closes out 14-year run as Okla City mayor with week of “lasts”

Normally unflappable, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett had to stop and regain his composure Wednesday as he concluded the Mayor’s Development Roundtable, one in...
City Council

OKC City Council seat races start off hot first day of filing

The first day of the three-day filing period, ten candidates filed for the nonpartisan four open seats on the City Council of OKC.
Convention Ctr architects view bid

New convention center bid comes in $20 million below budget

Three bids on the new Oklahoma City convention center project were opened Wednesday and the low bid was well below the budget of $194...
Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma Gov Stitt still won’t order shelter in place even after cities have

Governor Kevin Stitt referred to the concept of shelter in place as "bunker in place" several times Wednesday afternoon rejecting the idea for the state.
Capitol View, neighborhood

Capitol View starts Strong Neighborhoods Initiative with robust ideas

It was the Capitol View neighbors' turn to start brainstorming ideas for their Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) grant Thursday. They are one of two neighborhoods...

Holt — Acts like OKC bombing “depend on the triumph of dehumanization”

On the 25th anniversary of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal building, the memorial service was a video product instead of a live event.
City Council

City Council approves Boathouse Dist $1.4 million, hist preservation ord argued

City Council for OKC gave 1.4 million more to the Boathouse District and argued a pending controversial historic preservation ordinance change Tuesday.