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Where we ask various persons in the Oklahoma City metro to tell a story from their life here.

Paula Sophia begins a series of memoirs about her life as a boy, man, father, soldier, police officer, then, a transitioned police officer.
Paula Sophia continues her serial memoir called "Manhood, from the inside out" with part 2, "Cubby Hole."
Paula Sophia is writing her memoir in parts through our First Person section. Today, she continues the story about her childhood.
Looking back upon my childhood, I can see how my father’s violence impacted me and how his behavior created divisions in our family.
Paula Sophia continues a serial memoir "Manhood, from the inside out" where we are given insight into the journey toward authentic personhood.
Paula Sophia continues her serial memoir of her life of transformation and self-discovery as a transgender woman.
Joe Hight explains how leading victims' coverage in the aftermath of the 1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing informs his journalism teaching today.
Sometimes, Mother's Day just doesn't mean what the florists say it does. It means more, and not always in a positive way.