Education issues in Oklahoma City

John Rex

John Rex Charter Supt Joe Pierce resigns — will leave in Feb

Joe Pierce, the founding superintendent of John Rex Charter School in downtown Oklahoma City, has resigned and will leave his post on February 14, 2020.
Meg McElhaney

McElhaney takes seat as newest OKCPS Board of Education member

Meg McElhaney was sworn in as the newest member of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education Monday night. She follows Jace Kirk in the position.
DACA, charter schools

Charter school leader in OKC criticizes state A-F school report card system

Chris Brewster, founding superintendent of Santa Fe South Charter Schools in southside Oklahoma City, is critical of the A-F school report card system.
Douglass High School

Douglass High doesn’t feel like an “F” school to those who are there

Students, a teacher, and the principal of Douglass High School say their lived experience does not match the "F" in the lastest school report card.

Yearly public school report cards released showing strengths, weaknesses

Yearly report cards for all public schools in Oklahoma last school year were released Monday showing a broad range of grades state-wide and in Okla City.
quality of ed

Quality should not depend on ZIP codes says newest Board of Ed member

Meg McElhaney was appointed by the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education Thursday to serve as the southside District 7 board member.
native american

First grade students learn deeper Native American truths at Thanksgiving

Students in Ms. Strawn's first grade class are exploring real Native American history in a season that typically twists that history.
maps 4 curriculum

Metro teacher develops MAPS 4 curriculum to teach civic engagement

Social Studies teacher Aaron Baker has developed a three-day MAPS 4 curriculum and is releasing it Wednesday night to anyone who wants to use it.
okcps board

OKCPS Board approves John Rex moving to charter status within district

Monday, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education approved moving to charter status within Oklahoma City Public Schools.
John Rex

John Rex School changing from strange hybrid to regular charter

John Rex School's original strange hybrid charter will end June 2020 which has prompted new talks with Oklahoma City Public Schools to simplify and...