Education issues in Oklahoma City

Board of Ed closes all schools

State Board of Ed closes schools until April 6 in response to coronavirus

The Oklahoma State Board of Education Monday addressed the growing coronavirus pandemic by voting to close all public schools until April 6.

Coronavirus response – OKCPS waits to decide extension of spring break

Sunday afternoon OKCPS Supt. Sean McDaniels sent an email to families and staff they still plans to resume classes Monday, March 23 after spring break.
Taft Middle School

OKCPS closes Friday the 13th ahead of spring break

Claiming to have no confirmed cases of the new coronavirus or COVID-19, OKCPS is canceling classes and all activities Friday, March 13.
OKCPS board

Four more years for two veteran OKCPS Board members

Two veteran Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education members, Carrie Jacobs and Mark Mann, were each sworn in for another term from 2020 to 2024.
board of education

Experience shows as OKCPS Board encounters new challenges

The Board of Education for Oklahoma City Public Schools discussed the district's strategic plan and the core concepts of a bond issue Monday night.
teachers union

OKCPS teachers union president to retire, race for replacement begins

Ed Allen, president of the American Federation of Teachers, has announced his retirement resulting in the immediate announcement of a new contender.
Teacher breaking up fight

Fights in OKCPS schools up over last year — 1,959 students involved

Oklahoma City Public Schools reports 1,959 students involved in fights at school first semester of this school year, up 438 from the same time last year.

OKCPS Board encounters “brutal facts” about upward suspensions trend

Monday, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education encountered what Superintendent Sean McDaniel termed "brutal facts" about suspensions there.

Over 4,000 suspensions in OKCPS first semester alone

Oklahoma City Public Schools leaders are trying to sort out the deeper causes of a 37% increase in suspensions compared to the first semester last year.
Pathways to Greatness

Pathway to Greatness “change was radical” says OKCPS Supt McDaniel

Superintendent Sean McDaniel gave an extended update to the OKCPS Board of Education on the Pathways to Greatness (P2G) initiative Monday night.