Thursday, April 2, 2020


Education issues in Oklahoma City

AFT - OEA play long game Busey, Chapman, Clark

Teachers, unions point efforts toward November elections

Teachers granted leave by their school districts to lobby the Oklahoma Legislature were at the Capitol Tuesday along with union officials as they point...
OKCPS bd mtg 2-12-18

OKCPS superintendent survey “manipulation of research” says pollster

A professional pollster says multiple serious problems plague the online survey being used by the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education in their...
alumni see takeover

Northeast High School alumni see “takeover” in OKCPS merger plan

Northeast High School alumni are describing the current plans for a "merger" between Classen School for Advanced Studies and Northeast High School as a "takeover" instead of a merger.
OKCPS board

Four more years for two veteran OKCPS Board members

Two veteran Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education members, Carrie Jacobs and Mark Mann, were each sworn in for another term from 2020 to 2024.
Supt Aurora Lora

Supt responds to Confederate generals school name concerns

National events are forcing local Oklahoma City Public Schools leaders to respond to heightened concerns about four schools the district says are named after...

Big yellow bus in Pride Parade marks shift for OKCPS

It almost looked like some confused school bus driver had lost his way and ended up in the OKC Pride Parade. But the appearance of...
charter school trouble

Oklahoma City charter school SeeWorth Academy in serious trouble

SeeWorth Academy charter school in Oklahoma City Public Schools is at risk of losing its accreditation due to "gross neglect and non-compliance...
John Rex Board of Directors

John Rex Board supports teacher walkout for first five days

At their teachers’ request, the Board of Directors for John Rex Charter Elementary voted to “fully support its teachers” in the event of a...
Gabriel is getting a coat

Firefighters give coats at Hawthorne Elem

Gabriel's smile turned into an open-mouth giggle as he waited for a new coat from the Oklahoma City firefighters annual coat giveaway at Oklahoma...

Lewis – Money can’t compete with connections

Tuesday’s run off races for Oklahoma City Public Schools board of education chair showed that ongoing connections with common people have become the most...