Education issues in Oklahoma City

OKCPS new supt Sean McDaniel visiting with staff 5-22

Q & A with Sean McDaniel, new supt, Okla City Public Schools

We sat down for a short Q&A with Dr. Sean McDaniel, the new superintendent of OKCPS, after his first Board of Education meeting, which...
Northeast High School from Kelly

NEHS principal’s attorney calls for “immediate reinstatement”

A statement Thursday from the attorney for popular Northeast High School principal Sue Starr could shed more light on why she has been replaced...
Aurora Lora speaks to media about principal issues

Supt Aurora Lora resigns from OKCPS

Superintendent Aurora Lora has resigned her position with Oklahoma City Public Schools. In a news release sent just after noon Tuesday, Chief of Communications Beth...
OKCPS administration building - west exposure

After 62 years, OKCPS admins leaving historic building

After close to a decade of discussion, Oklahoma City Public Schools administrators are finally leaving their crumbling 96-year-old administration building at 900 N. Klein. The...
OKCPS Board of Education

OKCPS confirms 42 schools affected by forced teacher transfers

Oklahoma City Public Schools confirms that 42 schools will be affected by forced teacher transfers to achieve what the district calls “rebalancing.” According to district...
AFT - OEA play long game Busey, Chapman, Clark

Teachers, unions point efforts toward November elections

Teachers granted leave by their school districts to lobby the Oklahoma Legislature were at the Capitol Tuesday along with union officials as they point...
Students protest Mills NW Classen

NW Classen students protest teacher’s removal

About 60-70 students walked out of Northwest Classen High School around 9:30 a.m. Friday to demonstrate against Oklahoma City Public Schools putting a teacher...
Shaina Thomas, English teacher, Emerson South

Emerson South newest addition to OKCPS alternative schools

Emerson Alternative School is the oldest alternative program in the state. For this new school year, it is spawning a new mid high school for...

Girl Attorney group recruits 150 female attorneys to advocate for teachers

Over 150 female attorneys plan to walk as a group to the Capitol from the Oklahoma Bar Association building Monday morning to advocate for...
Town Hall at Wilson - Dunnington, Munson, Floyd - Warren asking

Northside forum crowd concerned about state revenue

A forum on the near north side of Oklahoma City Thursday suggested that legislators and the public are not anywhere close to finished providing...