Education issues in Oklahoma City

Second day teacher walkout crowd cheers at Capitol

Teachers, supporters pack Capitol, plan to go back Wednesday

Teachers, students, and parents packed the Capitol Tuesday panicking Legislators and staff and announced plans to return to the Capitol for a third day...
First day teacher walkout Crowd looking SW

Six key quotes from the teacher walkout rally Monday

Six quotes from the teacher walkout rally at the Oklahoma Capitol Monday revealed the realities that brought about the action that will continue on...
AFT Ed Allen in front of strike poster solidarity

Teacher walkout will test solidarity says AFT-OKC president

With the teacher walkout on for Monday, questions remain about the future: How long can teachers maintain their resolve if walkout days stretch into...
Town Hall at Wilson - Dunnington, Munson, Floyd - Warren asking

Northside forum crowd concerned about state revenue

A forum on the near north side of Oklahoma City Thursday suggested that legislators and the public are not anywhere close to finished providing...
John Rex Board of Directors

John Rex Board supports teacher walkout for first five days

At their teachers’ request, the Board of Directors for John Rex Charter Elementary voted to “fully support its teachers” in the event of a...
Northeast High School from Kelly

OKCPS emails parents about plans for teacher walkout

The Oklahoma City Public Schools administration sent emails Wednesday night to parents of the 46,000 students about how they will support fully support a...
OKCPS bd mtg 2-12-18

OKCPS superintendent survey “manipulation of research” says pollster

A professional pollster says multiple serious problems plague the online survey being used by the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education in their...
Negotiated agreement for 2017-2018 OKCPS

Teachers, board settle OKCPS negotiated agreement in record time

At least two decades of ugly tradition in Oklahoma City Public Schools was broken when the Board of Education approved the 2018-2019 negotiated agreement...
Greg Frederick, Principal, U.S. Grant HS

OKCPS principals union supports canceling classes for teacher walkout

The principals union in Oklahoma City Public Schools has taken a public stand for a teacher “job action, in the form of canceling classes”...
Rebecca Kaye, center, explains her split-grade ideas to concerned parents from Cleveland and Wilson Elementary schools

Rigid, secretive OKCPS plans generate controversy

A slow, but steady controversy is brewing in Oklahoma City Public Schools over leaked plans about drastically increasing the number of split-grade classrooms in...

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