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Education issues in Oklahoma City

charter school trouble

OKCPS suddenly bails on SeeWorth name and campus

OKCPS announced Friday that they will move the planned SeeWorth alternative school program to the Putnam Heights building at N.W. 36th and N. Georgia.
Finalists teacher of the year 2020

Three metro teachers state finalists for teacher of the year

Three teachers from the metro were among 12 statewide announced as Teacher of the Year finalists Tuesday morning.

OKCPS Board denies Wheeler District charter again

It's "no" again for frustrated Wheeler District developers who want to establish a charter school with a fixed collection zone similar to John Rex charter downtown.
charter school trouble

SeeWorth charter school preps hand-off to OKCPS

Wednesday, SeeWorth Academy Charter School Board concluded the business necessary for turning over operation of the school to Oklahoma City Public Schools, once the sponsor of the school.

OKCPS board avoids ugly inter-member confrontation – for now

Most of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education members were engaged in a highly unusual inter-board struggle in the courtroom of District Judge Richard C. Ogden Monday.

OKCPS Board wraps up hiring, approves labor contracts, considers charter

The big accomplishment of the evening for OKCPS took a deceptively short amount of time for the Board of Education to vote in Monday night.

Wave roof bank drive-through demolished!

The wave roof former bank drive-through at Northwest 5th and Classen is now history, demolished Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

OKCPS abandons custom of listening to alumni and current student body

OKCPS will eliminate the Northeast High School name and symbols completely ignoring alumni and leaving out current Classen SAS students in the process.
alumni see takeover

Northeast High School alumni see “takeover” in OKCPS merger plan

Northeast High School alumni are describing the current plans for a "merger" between Classen School for Advanced Studies and Northeast High School as a "takeover" instead of a merger.

OKCPS private, charter school shuffle begins

With several buildings being open after the Pathways to Greatness consolidation, the private and charter school building shuffle began in earnest Monday night for...