Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Education issues in Oklahoma City

Jamarco Prim

Access granted! New mobile hot spots provide home internet to students

Jamarco Prim was one of the first students at John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City Public Schools to check out a new, small...
Aurora Lora hears criticism

School closure missteps create distrust for OKCPS supt

For the second time in three months, school closure issues threaten trust in Aurora Lora, Oklahoma City Public Schools superintendent. Direct, and open expressions of...
Northeast Academy

Consolidation plan would close NE Academy, five other schools

Northeast Academy and five elementary schools may close as soon as next year because of a new consolidation plan proposed Monday night. The plan is...
Overcoming fear

School fights fear as part of defense against network intrusions

Fear seems to be the rule in 2019 when it comes to school district network security. But one district in the metro is fighting fear as a part of its larger defense.
Second day teacher walkout crowd cheers at Capitol

Teachers, supporters pack Capitol, plan to go back Wednesday

Teachers, students, and parents packed the Capitol Tuesday panicking Legislators and staff and announced plans to return to the Capitol for a third day...
SeeWorth closes

SeeWorth board gives up charter, contract with OKCPS – closed for now

SeeWorth Academy charter school board voted Friday morning to give up its charter and end its current contract with Oklahoma City Public Schools.
Steve Perry

School Choice Summit features firebrand speaker, draws protests

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb seemed to express the essence of the school choice movement Thursday night in a closing speech at the first...
OKCPS TOR 2018 Anthony Chancellor, TOR, OKCPS

Chancellor is OKCPS Teacher of the Year – 2017-2018

Anthony Chancellor, the Leadership class teacher at Belle Isle Middle School, is the new Teacher of the Year for Oklahoma City Public Schools, 2017-2018. The...
Paula Lewis (L) and Stan Hupfeld

Hupfeld donors give $106,000 for OKCPS school board campaign

People of financial means in Oklahoma City are determined to get Stanley Hupfeld elected chair of Oklahoma City Public Schools board of education. Latest campaign...
Save our OKC Schools newser

Local income taxes proposed to support OKC schools

Oklahoma City residents will pay a ¼ of 1 percent extra income tax to support local schools if voters approve a plan by one...