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Education issues in Oklahoma City

OKCPS Board wraps up hiring, approves labor contracts, considers charter

The big accomplishment of the evening for OKCPS took a deceptively short amount of time for the Board of Education to vote in Monday night.
George Floyd

Racism, death of George Floyd condemned in OKCPS Board resolution

Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Ed passed a resolution expressing sorrow for the killing of George Floyd and condemned "racism in any form" Monday.
Parent groups for and against Kirk Humphreys at OKCPS board

John Rex parent groups divided at OKCPS board meeting

"We will have to reconcile," said Audra Beasley looking directly at a group of parents and other supporters of Kirk Humphreys, embattled board chair...

Wave roof bank drive-through demolished!

The wave roof former bank drive-through at Northwest 5th and Classen is now history, demolished Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.
John Rex School OKC looking East

OKC Quality Schools moves from the shadows

In response to questions from Free Press Thursday, OKC Quality Schools representatives have produced a list of current board members and officers updated the...
Shadid delivers petition signatures

Local schools income tax petition may not have enough signatures

After gathering what they thought were 4,000 more signatures than needed, supporters learned Monday there may not be enough valid ones on an income...
Overcoming fear

School fights fear as part of defense against network intrusions

Fear seems to be the rule in 2019 when it comes to school district network security. But one district in the metro is fighting fear as a part of its larger defense.
Paula Lewis - calls for Humphreys to resign

OKCPS board chair calls for Humphreys to resign

Paula Lewis, chair of Oklahoma City Public Schools board of education, called for former OKC mayor Kirk Humphreys to resign from the board of...
alumni see takeover

OKCPS teachers against returning to buildings union survey shows

Oklahoma City Public Schools teachers revealed in a union survey that they had reservations about returning to buildings with students.
Stubbs - Pierce

OKCPS charter school wrangler has complex role

William Stubbs has a sophisticated title in Oklahoma City Public Schools. It's Instructional Leadership Director for Charter and Enterprise Schools. But what he does is...