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Termination hearing for popular NEHS principal is Tuesday

UPDATE - 5:30 p.m., Friday, January 12 - After more negotiations, Starr is back as a roving principal to fill in for other principals...
OKCPS Notes calendar

OKCPS board highlights – calendar struggles

The hot-button issue for the Oklahoma City Public Schools board Monday was what kind of calendar to fashion in the future that might work...
OKCPS Notes calendar

OKCPS Board highlights – remediation, Native Amer focused charter, teacher survey

These are highlights of the regular meeting of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education Monday, Nov. 13. Remediation Chief Academic Officer Lynn Barnes gave...
OKCPS Notes calendar

Cert issue resolved for high-level OKCPS administrator

Oklahoma City Public Schools' Human Resources department was sent scrambling recently when one of the district's Twitter critics caught a discrepancy about certification of...
OKCPS Notes calendar

Human resources focus of OKCPS special Board meeting

The usual stuff of most HR officers, processing people on and off the payroll and benefits package, is the least of Janis Perrault's worries...

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