Drew Blanton, a suspect in a north Oklahoma City bank holdup, was charged with bank robbery in United States District Court Friday afternoon. Free Press was on the scene of the crash that ended Blanton's attempt to elude police Wednesday. The criminal...
A report on the decades-long clergy abuse of minors is incomplete due to the arrival of 37 boxes of unexamined files delivered the night before its release.
Shooting death of 15-year-old Stavian Rodriguez by five OKC Police officers November 23 has spawned a murder charge for his accomplice.
An OKC activist filed a federal lawsuit against Okla. County DA David Prater April 6, 2021 for an arrest during a county meeting Aug 12, 2020.
A former herpetologist at the Oklahoma City Zoo has pleaded guilty to trafficking baby Galapagos tortoises that belonged to the Zoo.
The body language of those attending the South OKC Safe grant kick-off meeting Thursday night changed when OKC Police Maj. Paco Balderrama started explaining the program in Spanish. For many in the U.S. Grant auditorium on S. Pennsylvania Avenue it...
A nine-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department has been charged with second degree murder and an alternative charge of first-degree manslaughter. He was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail Tuesday. Sgt. Keith Patrick Sweeney was charged by...
The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City released a report Thursday naming 11 priests who have "substantiated" evidence of their abuse of minors.
Tamara Lee Tigard was found on the edge of the North Canadian River near Jones with multiple gunshot wounds April 18, 1980. She became known as "Lime Lady."
Oklahoma City banker Ronald J. McCord, 70, has pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding two local banks, Fannie Mae, and other banks.